Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bricolage + Belarus: Standing in Solidarity

Tami Dixon, Bricolage Producing Artist Director, opening evening with reading from BFT.

Completely moving -- possibly a defining/life-changing moment in my life as well as many of the lives of the packed theatre house --  is the best way that I can describe last night's performance: Bricolage and Belarus; Free Reading of Being Harold Pinter and Movement Excerpts from Mad Forest.

I'm hitting the icy road this morning for OTV LTD (Living The Dream) Tour, but youTube videos to come; I'll post mine + Bricolage's in the next few days.

Also this week, interviews with Tami Dixon | Bricolage; Henry Reese | City of Asylum Pgh and Yuri | Belarus Free Theatre... each are the truest essence of Agents of Change on the international scene.

In the meantime, see Bricolage links of press for last night's performance + the call to action, a stand in solidarity with the Belorussians via BFT, heard and upheld around the world with this 'forbidden' reading:

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