Monday, November 16, 2015

UPDATE: Current Manifestation(s)

Stephie Jane Rexroth
artist, author, autodidact // assistant, adviser, apprentice // i am a circle of three // fiery, dark & wild is me // i am badcatski // keeper of our moon-tail hawk tribe's thirteen guardian-goddesses // these are our true-true life-lies
Fiery, Dark & Wild is a storybook-metafesto, the current manifestation of Badcatski, offering origin stories of the 13 Guardian-Goddesses of Our Moon-tail Hawk Tribe. I am their spirit keeper.
Fiery, Dark & Wild is life-study synergy, a circle of three: living-artistry, herbalism: "grand mama medicina," and walking the arduous shamanic path.
Artist, author, autodidact: I am a circle of three. 
Fiery, Dark & Wild
is me.
I am Badcatski.

Light, life and love
SJ(R) Badcatski