Monday, May 9, 2011

{Only in Pgh} Fleeting Pages reclaims their Borders

In essence, Fleeting Pages
is the mashup of written self-expression
+ community

— Me:)

Check Only in Pittsburgh for a 'Dispatch from OTV' on Fleeting Pages -- visit them this month in the East End at the former Borders near Whole Foods for great local work, events, workshops + more.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Milestones: Liberation Day

Yesterday, May 7th, marked 18 months since I left my full-time job to start OTV!

Many of those months were perilous... namely, the recession hit full-force only a month or two into my 'new life' as a freelancer. I crashed + burned right along with it. Thus, yesterday was also the 6 month mark since I left my the full-time 'in-between job' that I had taken to weather the recession last year.

Liberation is Sweet
In spite of all the times I fell flat on my face over the last 18 months (there were many of them + there will surely be many, many more), I wouldn't change a thing about my decision. I love setting my own schedule, pace + rules, such as:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Demystifying Depression} Tell Me Pgh

Everybody deals with this stuff...
— Me:)

I had the pleasure of sharing my story of depression at The Pittsburgh Foundation's "Tell Me Pgh: Hard To Love Storytelling Event" at Bricolage last Tuesday, April 26th.

It wasn't all doom + gloom... I was able to also share my passion + vision for Demystifying Depression to break the silence.

Check out the blog post for more details + to watch the video of my talk.