Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Permanent?] Hiatus

Hi fans. It is with mixed emotions that I report the official hiatus of OTV as I consolidate my efforts to focus on the "Demystifying My Depression" project. Who knows, though, my travels may bring me back full-circle to revive OTV again in the future.

Additionally, I'll keep this blog around as an archive, since it seems like some of the posts are still popular with daily visitors... especially my "I Heart Constructivism (Part 2 - Contemporary)", "Soviet-Era Propaganda Posters" + "Lessons from Siberia" articles. It warms my heart to know that folks are still discovering + enjoying them:)

If you'd like to keep up with my current short-form ramblings, you can still follow me on Twitter (srexroth). In addition to the mental health stuff, I also tweet about design, Pgh, yoga, music, Russia, human rights, crafting, Roma + animal cuteness. Ya know, important junk.

Of course, you can find me writing regularly at

Many thanks for all the fun times!