Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soviet -Era Propaganda Posters

Two years ago, the prolific author of one of my favorite blogs, A Soviet Poster A Day, mysteriously stopped posting. It wasn't too long before I began experiencing withdraw. I loved reading about the history of these posters as well as their translations. Even more, I enjoyed making the connections between US and Soviet propaganda from WWII -- ex. (above) 1942 "Everything for the Victory: Women of the USSR for the Front" vs. (left) 1942 "We Can Do It" aka, Rosie the Riveter).

Friends and family know that I have a (borderline) obsession with everything/anything Russian. With my design background, I particularly appreciate anything graphic from the era of Heroic Realism including Soviet Propaganda Posters. So needless to say that when I discovered that my favorite Soviet Propaganda Poster Blogger was back at it, I was posting like crazy on Fb. The new blog, Art Posters of War, includes posters from all the WWII nations.

In addition to the two blogs going into my delicious account, I discovered a few pages to follow on Fb, Soviet Posters and Propaganda Posters. For your visual enjoyment, I've included all the links below:
This week's events and discussions have got me thinking back to my travels to Russia (Irkutsk, 2007). I have submitted a presentation synopsis of my trip, Lessons from Irkutsk, Siberia, 2007, to the upcoming AIGA PGH event called Pecha Kucha (PKN) on June 17th. You can peruse all my Irkutsk/Moscow pics on Flickr:

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  1. try this site , its pretty good for the original soviet stuff