Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fever-Induced Delirium = One Helluva Story

Yaaayayay hey hey HAAAAHHAHAH... **gasp, deep breath in, sniff, sniff, sigh, deep breath** The Madwomen like my article (+ therefore me... they really like me, I mean it).

See my first successful article that lays the foundation for OTV: Demystifying Depression... all thanks to a killer burst of creativity (think poor Picasso) via a killer virus and its near schizo-paranoia, delirium-inducing fever of 103 yesterday.

Thankfully, it was completely written in my head so that it only took 2 hrs before class to type + print. I was only 15 mins late for the workshop to present... yay, Northland Public Library!.

Check it here and let me know if you're on board:)


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