Sunday, August 15, 2010

Green + Innovation = Awesome

Growing up in Somerset County, I fondly remember the excitement of fair season in late August. The rides, the animals, the exhibits, the greasy food and cotton candy; it was one of the trademarks of the beginning of autumn. Those fairs, of course, were the products of an agricultural economy. Yesterday (08/14) at Hartwood Acres, Allgheny County debuted a new fair -- the product of a new economy, a green economy -- dubbed the Green + Innovation Festival.

"The free event celebrated Allegheny County’s evolution to a green economy and featured ways for residents to become more sustainable in their everyday lives. The festival was a zero-waste event and included earth-friendly food and product vendors, crafters, green living demonstrations, musical entertainment, and children’s activities." (See the complete press release via Allegheny County:; see also:

See these pics on OTV's Flickr Photostream.

Gaining momentum and becoming more mainstream, it was amazing to see so many eco-minded individuals in one place -- both vendors as well as visitors. Walking through the exhibit booths, I had really great conversations with most of the vendors; making quality connections for other groups and initiatives that I'm involved in with a green focus. Perhaps another testament of the Pittsburgh community spirit, everyone I met was very friendly, approachable and down-to-earth and willing to share about being green in everyday ways; making it a less overwhelming, more attainable transition/goal.

The festival provided a snapshot of the locally grown groups and NPOs that represent this eco-niche. And, it was only a selection of all those in Pgh who are working to advocate sustainable living: creating awareness for the need and providing practical, easy ways to begin implementing a greener lifestyle.

If you missed it, check out all those represented either online or in person. (The vendor list below is via the Green Festival's Facebook page:

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  1. I miss the fair so much! When I moved away I think that is what I have missed the most. Now instead of enjoying the beautiful summer nights I have to worry about snow removal instead. That is so cool they have added a "green" fair. I might have to check this out one day! Thanks for sharing.