Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dream You Crazy Dreamers

I've been involved in a neat Linked In discussion about business ideas (thanks Jason DePerro for sharing... I hope you do not mind that I include your response as well below) and thought the discussion was worthwhile to reproduce here for the benefit my OTV readers. See the full discussion.

I dedicate this post to all my fellow dreamers... Thanks for all your inspiration that keeps me keeping on.

Mathew Holdt
How do I pursue Venture Capital without declaring the business idea? I don't want to expose my idea and lose the opportunity to someone else prior to securing the funds needed to start the business 
[note: several answers preceeded these next comments]
Jason DePerro
I think giving away the idea is a must, but sharing how it is executed is not necessary.

This deck has been viewed so many times its becoming trite, but its effective. Check out this pre-launch pitch deck. It depicts the competitive advantage and business environment the company will operate within. This mint deck depicts all the right business data without giving away the nuts and bolts of how the software functions. I think its a great way to conduct a first round meeting with a VC firm and not give away too much.

Great question Mathew; best of luck.


I concur with @Jason. The best thing that can happen to an idea is to share it. There's a certain balance to protecting your intellectual rights and utilizing a sounding board. But, you might consider letting go of the need to keep it so close [to the chest] and allow the insight, experience and creativity of others who have gone before you to help scope out the vision.

From personal experience, the input and contributions that others have made have helped to mold, expand and refine any ideas I've had much more effectively than I could have ever done in isolation, particularly in my own head.

It's always a toss-up when providing this kind of advise. Sometimes, it falls on deaf ears, which is fine, but I was hoping that it would at the least not inspire rage of impracticality from the questioner.

Thankfully, I received a brief response from Matt via email. My reply is one in particular that I wanted to share with all my fellow dreamers who are often criticized for dreaming. We'll live the dream some day, friends. In the meantime, take heart and keep dreaming:)
Thank you for the help and direction, it is greatly appreciated.


Sure thing... I'm glad that it was well received.

It was a tough lesson for me to learn, but thankfully as a designer, not getting too attached to your work/ideas -- which in essence is almost impossible as those ideas are forged by your heart, your soul -- is something that's pounded in early and continues to be beat in daily.

It is by no means easy and you'll get the whole gamut of reactions. The best are those people who positively/amazingly inspire the idea beyond the limited perspective with which we often become fenced in our minds. The worst are those who will pee on your parade; writing it off quickly as an impractical pipe dream and make you feel deeply silly for ever thinking such a naiveté thought.

May your journey cross paths with many more like-minded, kindred spirits who inspire you to greatness than those non-dreaming naysayers.

Dream you crazy dreamer:)

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