Sunday, July 18, 2010

Recap: Day #1 of Polish Hill Arts Festival

(Beautiful sunset view of neighborhood by Polish Hill’s Mark Knobil; postcards available at:

I had a beautiful afternoon yesterday on Polish Hill for their 3rd Annual Arts Festival. This year, lots to do and see with the addition of Free4All Music Festival by Project 53 and all the new local businesses -- Urban Gypsy, Lili Coffee Shop, The Copacetic Comics Company & Mind Cure Records. Pop City said it best: Punks, nuns and pierogies: Polish Hill is not just for kielbasa anymore.

It's so exciting to see the neighborhood in its renaissance and to meet and chat with the local business owners (like Paulette Still-Khouri, Urban Gypsy) who are trailblazing its boom. That area is specifically calling to On The Vine with its hard-working, East European roots, which can still be felt today walking the hilly, cobblestone streets. The most recognizable landmark that can be seen from most locations on Polish Hill and from afar (driving across Veterans Bridge or through the Strip) is the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and its 'Polish Cathedral' style of architecture that sets the tone for the entire neigbhorhood.

Polish Hill has a nostalgic feel... it reminds me of long & happy summer days at my grandparents', who lived in a coal mining community with strong East European immigrant influences. It's honest, down-to-earth and overflowing with character & culture. I'd love to become a part of that community as a resident or business owner. Hmm... the possiblities:)

Give some internet love to these folks and check them out yourself for Day #2 of the Polish Hill Arts Festival (Sunday, July 18th):
Day#2 looks to be even more awesome & entertaining. In addition to the artist market featuring an eclectic range of vendors 'from nuns to punks,' there will also be 'Brazilian drumming, a Slavic-tinged marching band, a laser harp, pierogies and kielbasa, Italian ices, oh, lots of stuff.' Our old favorite, dive bar, Gooski's will be hosting Post Apocalyptic Movie Theater and most of the businesses will be participating in an event entitled TNY Presents Special Edition. Free4All Music Fest will continue as well and will include workshops and musical performances at multiple locations. Hope to see you out and about on Polish Hill this afternoon!

Show your Polska pride by snagging some Polish Hill Gear at the vendor tent at the festival or online:

For complete details and a history of the festival, download a PDF of the Festival Information Sheet from phcapgh's site.


  1. We are so glad that you enjoyed visiting in Polish Hill. Stop by the PHCA and say hello!

  2. Many thanks! What a fantastic day at Day #2 of the festival! I truly enjoyed all the artist market vendors and new connections made with several of them. I did get to stop by the PHCA. I chatted with Mark, Caroline and Myra. Absolutely wonderful group... exciting to have such engaged community members. Now I definitely want to get in on the action as a newbie:) Looking forward to other happenings and gathering on Polish Hill!